We pride ourselves on our ability to supply the full suite of quality track, civil and signaling and communication (S&C) components for rail – infrastructure, transportation, systems, and freight and heavy haul clients. Our partnerships with leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) enables us provide our public and private sector clients with bespoke, value for money solutions.

We supply a large range of well-engineered and field proven high performance rail components for the construction of various track systems. Below is a list of some of the track, civil and S&C components that we supply:




  • Rail (Standard Carbon and Head Hardened)
  • Rail Fasteners
  • Concrete Sleepers (Ties)
  • Concrete Switch Bearers
  • Insulated Rail Joints (IRJs)
  • Turnouts & Crossovers
  • Catch Points & De-railers
  • Switch Machines
  • Concrete Box Culverts
  • Corrugated Steel Pipes (CSP)
  • Overhead Gantries
  • Concrete Bridge Girders
  • Masts
  • Bridge Piles, Columns and Girders
  • Ladders, Guard Rail and Stairway Steel Works
  • Thermally Designed Equipment Rooms
  • OCC Equipment
  • Centralized and Distributed Interlocking
  • Wayside Line Equipment
  • Asset Protection
  • Fiber Optic and Metallic Cables
  • Power Supply Equipment
  • Microwave Equipment
  • Mobile Radio – Voice and Data
  • On-Board Equipment