Reliance Rail International expert track and civil team and its global partners will combine with our clients to deliver an optimal rail system design over the project lifecycle. The optimal design will be a balanced outcome between capital expenditure and operational expenditure adhering to the project feasibility studies outcomes.

The key capabilities of our Track and Civil engineering team has three fundamental attributes.
  • A structured and proven methodology to deliver consistent and measurable results
  • A team of consultants with deep industry knowledge to help guide you to what technology standard to use to solve your specific requirement
  • A range of technical solutions for improved operational and maintenance performance
Using our team including our close partners we are able to deliver a fully integrated and managed engineering solutions with deliverables such as:
  • Rail Alignment
  • Safety in Design Risk (HAZID and HZOP) Analysis
  • Rail Bridges, Culverts and Right of Way Structures
  • Rail Loops
  • Rail Yards
  • Roads; Inter-modal Facilities
  • Geo-technical
  • Hydrology and Drainage